• Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting

    The outdoor lighting network is projected to save enough electricity to offset the annual greenhouse gas emissions of 135 cars and trucks.

  • Parking Structures retrofitted with high efficiency lighting

    High-efficiency LED and fluorescent lights provide bright light while using less electricity and lasting longer.

  • Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting

    UC Davis has reduced lighting energy consumption by about 10 percent since 2007.

  • A better quality of lighting campus wide

    Students, faculty and staff that live, study and work on campus will all benefit from Smart Lighting.

  • Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting

    UC Davis will reduce lighting energy use by 60 percent or more by 2020.

Photo Credit: Kathreen Fontecha / CLTC, UC Davis

Smart Lighting Makes Sense

Lighting accounts for nearly 25 percent of electricity use in California. To become more energy efficient and lower the state’s carbon footprint, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has called for a 60 to 80 percent reduction in electrical lighting consumption statewide by 2020. Answering the call in 2010, UC Davis established Smart Lighting as an initiative to renovate existing indoor and outdoor campus lighting – the first large institution in the state to begin making lighting changes to meet this challenge. Watch a video about Smart Lighting here.

Measurable energy savings

The Smart Lighting project aims to reduce overall campus electrical use by upwards of 60 percent of 2007 levels.

Progress is being made. In fact, UC Davis has already reduced lighting energy consumption by about 25 percent since 2007. Learn more about savings achieved to date.

A self-sustaining program

The program is being funded through a combination of fund sources. The majority of the costs will be paid by debt-financing to be paid back through cost savings realized from reduced energy consumption. Incentives of up to 24 cents per kilowatt hour have and will continue to be achieved through the public utilities commission. Portions of the work have been funded through the Statewide Energy Partnership Program.  This program is expected to be extended to 2014 and will benefit additional projects.  Get more information about current projects or find information about future work being planned.

Better lighting and a better environment

Students, faculty and staff that live, study and work on campus will all benefit from Smart Lighting. Most will notice improved lighting conditions both indoors and outdoors when compared to the existing lighting that is being replaced. In addition, these improvements will further reduce UC Davis’ overall energy usage, carbon footprint and on-going energy costs.