Current Projects

In addition to Smart Lighting projects already completed, several others are in the design, construction phase or warrenty phase.

Phase 2 Building Retrofits

A $7.5 million design build project. Construction is completed, project is in warrenty phase. Work included lighting retrofits for 42 campus buildings representing 2.5 million square feet. Retrofit designs are highly efficient lamp and ballast replacements, LED fixture retrofits and advanced lighting controls expected to result in 5,295,818 kWh/yr savings.

Phase 2 Exterior Lighting

The phase 2 exterior lighting project retrofitted approximately 300 pathway and roadway light fixtures on the west and central Davis campus.Construction is completed, this project is in the warranty phase.

Phase 3 Building Retrofits

This project is currently in the design phase, and included retrofits of additional buildings on campus and selected exterior work.

Project Locations

Phase 2 Buildings
Phase 2 of Construction Projects